Koleksi Lintasan-Lintasan Kereta Api yg Menakjubkan !!!

Bagi beberapa orang, (entah mengapa) melihat kereta api dan lintasannya

adalah sesuatu yang menyenangkan. Orang-orang seperti ini di seluruh

dunia, biasanya membentuk perkumpulan pecinta kereta api. Dan memang

kereta api adalah alat transportasi yang paling banyak memiliki fans.

Nah postingan AMJG kali ini, mengenai lintasan-lintasan kereta api

dengan pemandangan yang indah dari seluruh dunia. Jadi meskipun anda

bukan fans kereta api, minimal anda menyukai pemandangan-pemandangan

indah yang ada di latar belakangnya ...

Railroad: Amtrak

Locomotive: ASEA AEM-7

Location: Perryville, Maryland, USA

Locomotive #: AMTK 947

Train ID: Unknown

The 2011 Canadian Pacific Holiday Train does it's stop in Ayr ON on a beautiful clear night.

Railroad: Canadian Pacific Railway

Locomotive: GE AC4400CW

Location: Ayr, Ontario, Canada

Locomotive #: CP 9824

Train ID: CP 01H


eastbound BNSF coal train rolls through Lombard, Montana. A bit of

smoke from forest fires to the west contributes to a colorful sunset.

Railroad: Burlington Northern Santa Fe

Locomotive: GE ES44AC

Location: Lombard, Montana, USA

Locomotive #: 6410

Train ID: Unknown

Railroad: Algoma Central Railway

Locomotive: EMD FP7

Location: Montreal River Falls, Ontario, Canada

Locomotive #: AC 1756

Train ID: WC 4


famous "Glacier Express" with cars from St.Moritz and Davos to Zermatt

is rounding the tight curve below the ruins of Wackenau castle in the

gorge of the Vorderrhein between Reichenau and Trin. In Disentis the

train will be split in two parts for the further journey via Oberalp

pass to Andermatt, through Furka tunnel, the Goms and Matter valley to

its final destination.

Railroad: RhB

Locomotive: Ge 4/4 III

Location: Trin, Switzerland

Locomotive #: 652

Train ID: 909


Garratt 14A 512 of the "Victoria Falls Steam Train Company" (VFST) with

a mixed freight/passenger for Geoff's Trains/Tanago, including two

diner and a baggage, is crossing slowly the 128 metres high Victoria

Falls bridge over Zambezi river between Zimbabwe (right) and Zambia

(left). On the right in the background the famous 5 star Victoria Falls


Railroad: Untitled

Locomotive: Garratt 2-6-2+2-6-2

Location: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Locomotive #: 14A 512

Train ID: Unknown

"Transsiberian Express"

Railroad: Circum-Baikal Railway

Locomotive: TEM2

Location: Irkutsk Region, Russia

Locomotive #: TEM2 7530

Train ID: MZD I971


358 rolls east along the Urubamba River, with a load of tourist headed

to Ollantaytambo. Early 2010 this section of the line was washed out by a

major flood that was the worst in the area in at least 40 years.

Railroad: Peru Rail

Locomotive: Alco DL535

Location: Chillca, Peru

Locomotive #: PR 358

Train ID: Unknown


train goes along the coast of the Black Sea near Sochi city. Electric

locomotive VL10-1300 (Vladimir Lenin) is at the head of the

train.Railroad: Russian Railways

Locomotive: VL10

Location: Sochi, Caucasus Region, Russia

Locomotive #: Unknown

Train ID: VL10-1300


TranzAlpine teeters across the Slovens Creek Viaduct on its journey

back east under a speed restriction imposed due to aftershocks from the

7.1m Christchurch earthquake 11 days prior. Within the next half hour

the train will have crossed three more viaducts and passed through more

than a dozen tunnels before reaching the more sedate scenery of the

Canterbury plains.

Railroad: KiwiRail

Locomotive: DC

Location: Cass, New Zealand

Locomotive #: DC 4513

Train ID: 804


circle viaduct of Brusio regained quiet and majesty after the hustle

and bustle during summer with the temporarily installed labyrinth and

the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Bernina line. For this

photo with the beautiful fall colors I had to get up early to travel

almost 6 hours by train and a short leg by bus, then hiking on a narrow,

steep, hidden and almost overgrown path for 40 minutes to reach this

photo position on the edge of the abyss. ALLEGRA trainset ABe 8/12 3505

"Giovanni Segantini" is pulling train 1652 Tirano-St.Moritz over the


Railroad: RhB

Locomotive: ABe 8/12

Location: Brusio, Switzerland

Locomotive #: 3505

Train ID: 1652


of CP's monster 12000 f.t 110's grinds its way up the ruling Heron Bay

sub grade at Neys and the train can be seen over 2 miles away along the

steep rock bluffs overlooking Lake Superior.

Railroad: Canadian Pacific Railway

Locomotive: GE ES44AC

Location: Neys, Ontario, Canada

Locomotive #: CP 8781

Train ID: CP 110

A pair of SD70M-2s speed east at track speed, just east of Swan Landing with M304's train.

Railroad: Canadian National Railway

Locomotive: EMD SD70M-2

Location: Brule, Alberta, Canada

Locomotive #: CN 8846

Train ID: CN M30451 03


CN and CP change sides in the Fraser River canyon at Cisco

BC..Westbound CN on home rails crosses above the CP bridge..Directional

running has CN line for westbounds and CP for eastbounds

Railroad: Canadian National Railway

Locomotive: GE C44-9W (Dash 9-44CW)

Location: Cisco, British Columbia, Canada

Locomotive #: CN 2672

Train ID: 411

Under dark skies, a westbound intermodal flies through Morant's with a GEVo leading

Railroad: Canadian Pacific Railway

Locomotive: GE ES44AC

Location: Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Locomotive #: CP 8714

Train ID: Unknown

In the middle of winter, an eastbound grain train makes an incredibly beautiful sight on a wintry morning

Railroad: Canadian Pacific Railway

Locomotive: GE ES44AC

Location: Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Locomotive #: CP 8723

Train ID: Unknown

The Royal Scotsman luxury tour train heads away from Kyle of Lochalsh

Railroad: British Rail

Locomotive: Class 37

Location: Kyle of Lochalsh, United Kingdom

Locomotive #: 37401

Train ID: Unknown

Three Amtrak engines pull the westbound Grand Luxe passenger special over the Colorado River on this cloudy and wet day.

Railroad: Amtrak

Locomotive: GE P42DC

Location: Burns, Colorado, USA

Locomotive #: AMTK 183

Train ID: Unknown

Railroad: Untitled

Locomotive: Steam 2-8-8-2

Location: Zimbabwe Victoria Falls (Zambia side), Zimbabwe

Locomotive #: Unknown

Train ID: Unknown

A lucky break in the clouds catches the K1 on Glenfinnan viaduct in the last week of the Jacobite Steam Train season.Railroad: British Railways

Locomotive: Steam 2-6-0

Location: Fort William, United Kingdom

Locomotive #: 62005

Train ID: Unknown

Two new locomotives head west.Railroad: Canadian Pacific Railway

Locomotive: GE ES44AC

Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Locomotive #: CP 8733

Train ID: CP 105

Railroad: BNSF Railway

Locomotive: GE C44-9W (Dash 9-44CW)

Location: Bingen, Washington, USA

Locomotive #: BNSF 5050

Train ID: Unknown

An immaculate Class 24 leads an eastbound mixed frieght across the Kaaimans River Bridge.

Railroad: South African Railways

Locomotive: Steam 2-8-4

Location: George, South Africa

Locomotive #: Unknown

Train ID: Unknown


Pacific's executive passenger train pulled by a A-B-A set of E-Units

curves through Tunnel 29 and smokes its way toward Pinecliffe, Colorado.

 Railroad: Union Pacific

Locomotive: EMD E9(A)

Location: Pinecliffe, Colorado, USA

Locomotive #: UP 949

Train ID: Unknown


to Nizamuddin(3149Kms) is the longest distance, that is traveled by any

Rajdhani express in India. In this photo, Nizamuddin bound Rajdhani

express, is crossing the Shastri river bridge after exiting the Parchuri


Railroad: Konkan Railway

Locomotive: WDP-3A

Location: Sangameshwar, Maharashtra, India

Locomotive #: 15501

Train ID: 12431


Andean Explorer has just started its journey to Cuzco, travelling

alongside the famous Titicaca Lake with the city of Puno in the

background. This is the highest commercially navigable lake in the world

with 3811 m (12500 ft) above sea level.

Railroad: Peru Rail

Locomotive: Alco/MLW DL560

Location: Puno, Peru

Locomotive #: Perurail 659

Train ID: Westbound Andean Explorer

Railroad: Ferrocarril Central del Peru

Locomotive: unknown

Location: Maticana-Lima, Peru

Locomotive #: GE 1001

Train ID: Caripa 1001


mountains of Tibet, where a new railway was opened in july 2006. This

train is headed for Chengdu, 3.360 km and 46 hours away. The highest

point on the Tibet line is at 16.640 feet (5.072 m) - a new world

record. The locomotives of type GE C38AChe are built by General Electric

in Pennsylvania, USA.

Railroad: China Rail

Locomotive: Class NJ2

Location: North of Lhasa, Tibet, China

Locomotive #: NJ2 0047

Train ID: T 24

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